TheGrave-Custom Made Vampyre Teeth/ Vampire Fangs

We're DEAD Serious!
Since 1997!

Call To Set-up An Appointment!



I am having a Month-long Bloody Valentine's Day Fangs Sale.


Singles are now $100 and Doubles are now $210.

Anyone interested can message me, or text or call me at 323.667.4747.

Thank You!
-I can make them the same day at no extra charge.
In-person Appts Only.
No Mail Order.
I Live in Los Angeles now.

**** If you are interested in getting a pair of fangs for The LA Vampire Ball, or your Bloody Valentine, give me a call at (323)667-4747****
"We're DEAD Serious!"- Since 1997!
Dark Greetings Fellow Vamps!
I have been making Custom Fangs in Los Angeles since 1997. I started out with Alejandro from The Lord of the Fangs and then started TheGrave after my apprenticeship. I am an artist who takes pride in my work and strive to give everyone who gets fangs from me, the best service possible. I use only High Quality Dental Acrylics. (NOT! Nail or Manicure Acrylics).
The styles I make are either Single Sets: Canines or Laterals.
Double Sets: Long Canines/Short Laterals or Short Canines/Long Laterals.
I can also make other Styles of Fangs, just ask!
I was also in the US Navy and that made it possible for me to travel and make fangs for people from all over the world. If anyone is interested in getting some fangs, please give me a call at: (323)667-4747

I recently added Glow-In-The-Dark Acrylics! I have Blue/Green/Yellow/Pink/ and Purple!

Here are some pictures of Fangs I have made. Let me know what you think! I will add some more real soon.

UPDATED PICTURES!-14AUG15 (From my Facebook FANGS Album)

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